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Curt Raveill started in the trucking business in 1980 at the age of 18.  He owned his own truck and hauled over the road for a few years before finally settling into hauling logs and lumber locally; starting his first company "Timber Transport, Inc." For a number of years he continued to grow until the timber industry went through a transition. During that time he found the need for an additional source of income and decided to try the freight business and started "Raveill Trucking, Inc." in 2002.  Today the companies have grown to 60 trucks and 100 trailers hauling van freight to 48 states and logs within Minnesota and Wisconsin.    


Check out some pictures from our trip to visit the Volvo Manufacturing Plant below:

In It For The Long Haul: Raveills Keep On Trucking
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As customer needs grow, so too does the Raveill Trucking and Timber Transport businesses owned by Curt and Lisa Raveill.

 Located east of McGregor on Hwy. 210, the two companies recently underwent an expansion as a house
and 10 acres of land was purchased in late 2016. The house was renovated to accommodate a bigger office space for employees. The former dispatch office is being renovated into a drivers’ lounge. Inside the house are two key individuals keeping the wheels turning - Director of Operations Patrick Murphy and Dispatcher Bob Dunnell.
 “They are two very important parts of our team,” said Lisa. 

The 10 acres also gives more space for the fleet of trucks operating under the two businesses. Raveill Trucking currently has 35 trucks in operation, delivering freight to 48 states. Timber Transport moves logs and flatbed freight within Minnesota and Wisconsin. Together, the two companies have 60 trucks.

Ahead of the Curve

“We keep up on trucking technology,” said Curt, who at the age of 18 got his start in the trucking business. Now, 37 years later, Curt is keeping a close eye on modern technology – not only to make the driving experience more comfortable for his employees, but to also adhere to federal regulations.

Curt said the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is making it mandatory for trucks to have electronic logs, but Curt has had them in his trucks for more than five years.

The businesses are also SmartWay Carriers, working with the federal government to better track their carbon footprint. The Raveills are always searching for ways to get better fuel mileage and meet Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

Last, but certainly not least, is the focus on safety. All trucks have tracking devices and can be followed by their customers while en route. The last 14 trucks purchased by the Raveills are equipped with crash avoidance systems. The entire Raveill Trucking fleet has been updated in the last three years.

Raveill Trucking also makes sure its drivers are comfortable while out on the road five to seven days a week. The trucks have automatic transmissions and while the drivers are taking a break from the road, each truck has a sleeper area and satellite television. Most of the new trucks come with built-in refrigerators.

A Rare Problem
Raveill Trucking has been ahead of the curve on recruitment and retaining drivers for its expanding fleet. Nationally, the trucking industry is experiencing a critical driver shortage, explained Lisa.

“At Raveill we do not have that problem. We have a driver for every truck and recently made the decision to lease a couple trucks until our 2017 Volvos arrive. We continue to take applications as we expand. This gives us the opportunity to hire the most experienced and safe drivers.

“We know we are doing something right when we have drivers waiting for an opening to work for us,” she said.

The Raveills know they have to be respectful of driver time, as the Timber Transport has drivers home daily, and the Raveill Trucking side has drivers on the road five to seven days a week.

For added convenience for drivers, Raveill Trucking added another location, a truck terminal, in Carlton, in an effort to strengthen and promote the company’s existing customer base, said Murphy.

“This location is designed to support and benefit both our customers and drivers in the Duluth area,” added Murphy.

Editor’s note: This article was among those to be featured in the annual Progress edition which was printed in early March. The story of a business expanding and keeping up with technology fit into the theme, “Tuned up and Tuned In."
Reference: Hoogenakker,A. (2017,March24). In it for the long haul: Raveills keep on Trucking. Retrieved from:  http://www.messagemedia.co/aitkin/news/business/in-it-for-the-long-haul-raveills-keep-on-trucking/article_7c847218-0e5f-11e7-8930-6384ce08cd00.html.

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